Diseño y Comunicación Visual Estratégica

Show me your website and I will tell you who you are

Your vision about things or your intentions – whether commercial, social or personal – and the form they take on the Web must not be underestimated.


If branding means managing the perception that the public has about an organization, therefore, the most determining communication platform between the two is the Web. The way an organization presents itself on the Web, how it looks, what it

says, how it uses the medium (structure and usability), become imperative. The impact and ubiquity of the Web are still not entirely understood, just as it happened earlier with other media when they irrupted.


Form IS content

On the Web, visual form can also easily be underestimated. We generally say: reduce the number of clicks! Visitors must not be distracted with visual gimmicks! Generally this is true. However, please visit the following websites as an example of the possibilities of the medium:

• Moma/Elastic Mind

• fastcompany.com

• counterspill.org/disasters

• bear71.nfb.ca/


You will see that, no matter how much time you have or what your interests are you will be captivated by the ideas presented and, above all, by the way those ideas are visualized and how they use interactivity. Why not, then, use similar ways to manage and display ideas on your website?


Lets see how we can do it together.

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