Diseño y Comunicación Visual Estratégica

Communicating gracefully

Advertising is the most challenging strategic visual communication problem any communicator can handle. Today advertising is based on so many stereotypes that no one cares to look at it! Clients are afraid to move away from clichés; they do not see other ways of communicating (in Chile we are extremely conservative when it comes to communicate persuasively).


At TesisDG we are looking for audacious clients to team up with and together invent new, intelligent ways to approach advertising: with

wit and humor, and above all never underestimating the viewer’s intelligence. A successful campaign should not only sell, it must also strengthen relationships between those who supply and those who demand products and services.


Advertising and sustainability?

Today advertising is seen with increasing disdain. It is banal and ugly (with few exceptions), and lately it has come to be in conflict with the more accepted notions of growth, in particular, with the idea of «sustainability». But the latter should not condemn advertising; it rather pushes it to change its focus.

For instance, advertising is learning that honest sustainability is synonymous with economy of means; making things simpler and useful. This is how we understand sustainability and by extension, the way we understand advertising. Hence, instead of a costly campaign we may talk about improving the performance of your product and telling that story on your website, or some other simple and meaningful strategy.


Lets talk about advertising and together reinvent it.