Diseño y Comunicación Visual Estratégica


Information design is today a specific area of graphic design that deals with the problem of translating complex information into a concise diagram (infographics). Whether representing time, space and quantity –or all three simultaneously– a good diagram reveals information and makes evident certain facts that otherwise could not

be understood. As an effective tool for showing evidence, they also help making strong statements about any subject matter, not only quantitative phenomena.


Infographics are widely used today in all media and in many areas of industrial production as well as academic and scientific research to facilitate understanding of concepts and data.

At TesisDG we have designed many infographics, generally as part of a larger project or publication. We now look for organizations, private or public, coming from disciplines such as statistics, sociology, mathematics, biology or astronomy that require giving visual form to complex information.

Libro Chile: Mapa Social Information Design