Diseño y Comunicación Visual Estratégica

The design of signage systems requires knowledge in an area that is one of our strengths: information design. Presenting spatial information in a simple way and easy to understand is the center of the problem. People moving in public or private spaces need orientation as well as the identification of areas or places in order to navigate the space and reach where they need to go. Furthermore, the materials and form of individual signs must harmonize with the surrounding architecture.

The design of exhibitions is closely related to editorial design, however, unlike the printed page, exhibit design is three-dimensional: space and materials come into play making projects more complex and requiring specialized technicians and profesionals. Whether in museums, trade fares or events, a well-designed exhibition has an enormous impact on the public and its quality speaks eloquently about the organization or company that presents it.

At TesisDG we know a network of experts, makers and producers enabling us to undertake large and small-scale signage and exhibit design projects. We have worked with museums and private companies, particularly with wine makers.

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