Diseño y Comunicación Visual Estratégica

Long live the book

A good story, well illustrated, on printed stock or the screen has the potential to be as persuasive as cinema or an ad campaign, (as a matter of fact, making an ad campaign out of a publication is an excellent idea).


A matter of great concern to us is giving the reader the pleasure of seeing and reading beautiful typography
for it is the «visual voice» of the book. Whether on paper or on screen,

typography is the visual voice of the story and that voice must be enchanting. A main title, a subtitle, a paragraph, a caption, are the voices on the page. Our job is to select the right typographic voices for the content and make them relate beautifully.

We observe carefully the overall rhythm of pages and spreads and the white space on them (pauses). We give life to the story and tangible presence (paper, ink, weight) as well as making it memorable and inspiring.

We design books, annual reports, magazines and catalogues –printed or digital– using content that has previously being edited or provide consultation on how to best orient a given content for a particular purpose. We can also develop any content required with a selected team of writers, journalists, photographers, illustrators and information designers that are as passionate about their craft as we are.


Come and tell us your story.

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