Diseño y Comunicación Visual Estratégica

the wit and beauty of visual messages


Everything we do has some aesthetic implication.

(Paul Rand)


Visual communication (or graphic design) incorporates art (that which gives us aesthetic enjoyment), and practical aspects (that which makes things work). At this midpoint, between the poetic and the practical is where design exists. There is no way to avoid this fact. In other words, design is situated between art and science and in between these two there is often tension and contradictions, a struggle to come to terms with the quantifiable and the qualitative, the rational and the emotional.


It was John Dewey’s contribution to the philosophy of art to point out that art is not something special but a significant part of daily experience, and that a real understanding of life is synonymous with aesthetic enjoyment*.


At TesisDG we believe that it is possible to bring such notions into the projects we undertake, making visual communication an aesthetic experience for the public who sees it. There are plenty of poor and ugly visual messages out there. We believe it is possible to educate (silently) through the beauty and wit of visual messages that we design along with passionate clients.

*Paul Rand, Design, Form, and Chaos.